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About me... Guess Who I have Four Grandchildren Sarah is on the left then Lachlan and Samuel Jordan on the right..

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My hobbies are Computers and Fishing I like fishing off the beach and river mouths where the Kawhai hang about. In 1996 I ventured into Freshwater fishing using the Fly and Spinning rods. I have had some awesome Beginners Luck ;-)

Please check out the Trout Fishing Section for some great Trout Photo's.

I have three daughters Tanya Deborah and Nicole all married or spoken for ;-).

A Big Fish

FISHING Like most fellow Kiwi's, The Great outdoors and fishing are my favorite Recreation. I like to throw a rod and line whenever the opportunity exists. Hopefully a fish will miraculously attach itself to the hook. I caught this Snapper when I was on Holiday with family in the Bay of Islands in 1985.

TROUT FISHING Click The Fisherman for my Trout Fishing section complete with some Great Trout fishing Photo's and places I have fished in New Zealand.The Fisherman

During the last year Sharlene and I have hosted many students from other lands. Would you like to meet them?

Click here to take you to Kiwi Homestay, a page about the many overseas students we have hosted.

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You can reach me by e-mail at: beecher@ihug.co.nz

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