Tartare Sauce

A sharp, piquant sauce, traditional with many fish dishes. A simple version can be made by finely chopping capers and cocktail gherkins and combining with bought or home-made salad cream. For a more sophisticated version, you will need the following.

2 eggs (hard-boiled)

I raw egg yolk

27.5ml olive or light vegetable oil

I tablespoon malt vinegar

I teaspoon chopped parsley

I teaspoon chopped chives

I teaspoon chopped capers

I teaspoon chopped cocktail Gerkins


Slice hard boiled eggs in half, remove yolks, mash together with raw egg yolk, blend well together and season, In a blender place egg yolk mixture and add oil drop by drop as in making a mayonaise. Dilute with vinegar, and finally mix in the chopped herbs by hand. For additional bulk and texture add, if required, the chopped white of one of the hard boiled eggs.

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