The El Cheapo Stripping Basket.

That's right folks build your own stripping basket for less than Ten Dollars. The El Cheapo stripping basket attaches to your waders by two Velcro strips.

Materials Needed 1 X empty 2 or 3 Litre Ice cream Container......30cm Black Velcro

Small Tube of contact adhesive..................Some Black paint


Cut the Velcro into two 15 cm strips and glue the two smooth sides onto the front of your waders 5cm ether side of the center front the two strips should be Vertical.

Roughen one side of Ice cream container with some sandpaper (or the back door steps) and glue the other two pieces of Velcro vertically onto the container. Finally drill a few holes in the bottom of the container for drainage and spray paint with black paint for camouflage.

You may need to staple the Velcro to the Plastic for added support.

You can dispense with the Velcro and just punch a couple of holes on eather side of the container and pinch some of mums Bias Binding tape to attach it to yourself.

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