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Hi and welcome to my Trout Fishing section First a little about my venture into Trout Fishing.

I started Trout fishing in October 1996 and my first three months were quite a learning curve. Initially I spent many hours in the company of the ducks at the banks of the Waikato river practicing my casting and the ducks seem to know when I goofed up with their raucous peels of laughter at just the right or was it wrong time.

A Big Trout

Due to Family commitments I normally fished the Rotorua region. It was late January 1997 when I caught my first rainbow a nice 2.5Lb at the Waieti stream mouth on Lake Rotoiti (in the Middle of the day!!).

During the summer months the trout move from the warmer lake towards the colder streams. There is a number of spring fed streams flowing into Lake Rotorua. Hamarana Springs is a Cold (10Deg C) Fresh water spring that has a flow rate of One Million Gallons per Hour. Night and morning fishing is Most productive in this area of the lake but daytime fishing should not be ignored especially if the wind is from the east or west. The Mouth of the nearby Awaho stream has provided anglers with regular limit bags on many days Year in Year out. The Large Brown on the right weighed in at 9Lb and was caught at 9Pm at Hamurana I thought I had Snagged a big log until it decided it was his turn to give me some action ;-).

In the autumn the best fishing is to be found on the other lakes. I prefer Lake Rotoiti because it is quite close and there are many fishing locations for the shore-based angler. I have had a lot of success at Routo Bay and "the Pipe" with the Rainbows coming right into the shallows for spawning. The Large Jacks are great to catch using Lumo's and Black fly's at night. During the day quiet cast and slow retrieve of the red setter will often surprise you.

I am a member of the Hamilton anglers club. The Hamilton anglers club has regular trips away for their members it was on a club trip that I caught my first Brown (the one in the photo). A 9lb'er that landed me the Gamin Cup (for the heaviest fish caught during a club outing). During this time I have been very grateful for the many tips and trick's that fellow club members and other anglers have shared with me.

I have added a small Rubber Ducky (inflatable boat) to my arsenal it has a small electric outboard motor Ideal for sneaking up on those Big Brown trout that inhabit the lake edges or just harling a fly over the dropoff. The boat also has a 2Hp petrol motor to get me back to camp when the battery runs out. My wife Sharlene did really well recently when she caught her first trout a 4Lb Rainbow harling over the weedbeds at lake Rerewhakaaitu

Some Big Trout

I caught this Selection of Trout at Rotoiti the Brown is 8lb the larger Rainbow is 6lb the smaller 4lb

Catch and release

I have had some feedback as to why so many "Dead Fish" why I do not practice "Catch and Release"

Where I fish The Lakes are stocked with many Thousands of fish each year by the Local fish and Game Council. There is a selective breeding program in which Very large trout are produced and many reach maturity of 8LB Plus within two years from their release. Trout are stocked for the Angler to Take fish and Fish and Game encourage this. If you do not take fish the lakes are unable to sustain the population explosion that would result and poorer quality fish would be the result.

The fish population is now so great in one lake that the fish and game council has allowed fishing in the lower reaches of the MAIN spawning streams during the spawning runs to enable the fish numbers to be maintained at a sustainable level.

I will be putting in a few jpg's of My Favorite fly's soon. So c'mon Back Yr hear.

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